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This Week in Lost - Season 5 Recap

It's been a week since Lost's Season 5 finale, which was awarded a VFH Seal of Approval, just saying. Now that you have hopefully watched the episode already, and the season is over, we thought it would be a great time to take a look back at the season and share our thoughts (Spoilers and all!). It's a much different version of This Week in Lost, but we hope you'll enjoy!

Favorite Episode(s)
JDW says: While the season finale was my highest scored episode of the season (and that's mainly in comparison to the crap we received in weeks prior, I'm actually tied between two episodes. There's the Desmond focused, third episode, "Jughead", which not only let me get a deeper feeling for my favorite character of the show, but really made the aspect of time travel exciting and worthwhile by revealing much of the island's past. The other episode, was Lost's 100th, and this season's fourteenth, "The Variable", which not only focused on my new favorite character, Daniel Faraday, but also killed him off come the episode's end. Both these episodes are truly Faraday's shining moments, and make me hope the character has a chance of returning for season 6.

Zach says: The finale was by far my favorite episode this season, which returned to what Lost is really about and made a few exciting revelations, like who Jacob is and what’s the story with Locke. Like almost all of Lost’s episodes, this one ends in a cliff hanger, but what it did answer and show was pretty amazing. It was awesome to finally see Jacob and see what he was planning, although we don't get full details on that of course. We did see him meet up with most of the Lost crew, which was very interesting and makes me want to know what exactly he was doing and why. This episode was my favorite not only because it felt like what Lost is all about, and really pulled the season together, but also because it is culminating into something grand that will be season 6. I can't wait.

What We Liked
JDW says: To be honest, I was really skeptical of the whole time travel aspect that was introduced this season. But being a fan of Doctor Who and Star Trek, I can't say I'm not open to the idea. Thankfully the writer's managed to bring the idea into Lost in a controlled manner, without screwing things up, and creating even more mystery to the series. I also enjoyed the development of newcomers Faraday and Miles, and finally revealing Jacob and the giant statue he inhabits.

Zach says: The beginning of the season started out fairly well, with the island gang flying through time, meeting up with interesting characters which revealed a lot about the island’s past and a variety of things. This time travel aspect played well into the series and answered a lot of questions, while revealing a ton of information about characters, such as Charlotte, Ben, and Charles Widmore, just to name a few. It was also semi-interesting to find out if Jack and Ben could get everyone to come back to the island and to find out what happened to Locke.

What We Disliked
JDW says: Where to start? There's the unnecessary "love rhombus"* of Jack, Kate, Sawyer, and Juliet; which to me felt like ABC trying to attract it's Grey's Anatomy viewers than bringing anything worthwhile to the show. And from that group is Kate, who was an interesting character with a mysterious past when we first met her, but she's since become "the annoying one" and the character I personally wish would just die already; and her focused episode, "Whatever Happened, Happended", was definitely this season's low-point. I'm also not a fan of having a white screen ending, and having to wait a year to see what's next, but I can't really argue with that...

Zach says: There was too much drama that didn’t lead to anything this season. One would be questions about Jack, Kate, Juliet, and Sawyer, but it was more on the minds of the viewers and not something that was outwardly portrayed in the show, thankfully. Season 4 seemed to do this a lot too, where there were entire episodes of drama or other crap that didn’t lead to anything important happening. There may have been a few details and a back-story on a character, but nothing exciting or truly important to the series; just filler. This happened again this season and it just felt like a complete waste. Hopefully, season 6, the last season, will answer questions and not be filled with useless crap.

What's Next?
JDW says: When a season of Lost ends with a white screen that may or may not reset time as we know, it's kind of hard to predict where to go next. Then again, it's hard to predict where Lost goes even with a clear ending. At this point though, I think we can all assume that Jacob's unnamed rival was not only fake Locke, but Christian, Yemi, Alex, and possibly even "Smokey". Which really comes down figuring out who this man is, and what exactly did he want to kill Jacob for? I'm also very curious to know how long Jacob and his rival have been around for, and what is the significance of Egyptian culture to the island. And of course, we all want to know what happens after the flash.

Logically, I'd like to assume that everyone is alive due to contractual obligations of actually appearing on the show; but it's really hard to know exactly where this all goes. What I'd really love to see is everyone returning for the final season, dead characters like Boone, Charlie, Claire, Libby, Mr. Eko, amongst others. While the season finale did prove that "dead is dead", I think it would be really great to see the people that started on Oceanic 815 come back. Not to mention we still have some unanswered questions for living, off island characters like Desmond, Walt, Abadon, and Charles Widmore. And that's really what I want to see from season 6, is no questions unanswered, because I'd hate to feel unfulfilled after all this time.

says: There are a ton of things we can speculate about what happened in the past seasons, what will come from the finale, and how everything fits together from revelations that came from the finale. Did the bomb work and the events of the past 5 seasons never take place? What’s going to happen with Jacob and the other man? What is going to come of Ben and Widmore? Countless questions and speculations can be brought up, but here’s what I think will happen in season 6.

I’m going to assume that the bomb was successful, and the 1977 people will return to their original places, but still remember certain events and use their knowledge to achieve some goal. It’s possible that setting off the bomb will spare Jacob’s life, as it wouldn’t have happened, but it’s also very possible that 2007 will continue as is, and something will come of Richard Alpert and the Others plotting against Locke. The season has to focus on giving some answer, so I’m guessing it’ll be centered on the story of Jacob and his rival, and what comes of the nuclear bomb going off. I think we’ll also get more answers about what is so special with the island, and what Jacob's motives are. The Oceanic Six and friends will obviously have a huge role in this story as well, and we will see how they are all connected, why, and for what true purpose.

Season 5's Average Overall Score: 8.3/10

*"love rhombus" phrase created by Zach and in no way should be considered property of JDW.

And with that, our coverage for Lost's fifth season is done. Because of this, This Week in Lost will be on hiatus until the start of season 6, which will supposedly begin in 2010. Hopefully we'll be able to continue weekly updates with This Week In for another series, but at this point nothing is planned. Thanks for reading!

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