Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Week In Lost - 1/28/09

This week, no pun intended, is the third episode of Lost. Sure there was no three hour event like last week, but this episode certainly delivers enough to keep us interested for far longer than that. On with the reviews!

Episode 3: "Jughead"
JDW says: The episodes starts out with Penny pregnant, and Desmond searching for a doctor, as she's soon to give birth to a baby boy. Move ahead, and Desmond is now returning to England to find out about Daniel Faraday. However, back on the island, our three newer friends, Miles, Charlotte, and Faraday, have run into the mysterious soldiers that Sawyer and Juliet encountered in the previous episode, which we soon find out are "The Others". The episode constantly goes back and forth between the story of Desmond; and the folks still on the island. I won't say much else though, I'll save the spoiler reveals for next week.

Well, what can I say? For one, this story of Desmond is what I hoped to see in episode two, but was sadly disappointed, so it was nice to get some more insight there. As for the rest of the episode, well, Faraday becomes an evermore interesting character, and we get an answer as to just how well Mr. Widmore knows the island. In short, this episode will be one of the most important episodes of the series, I'm sure of it.
JDW's score: 9.5/10

Zach says: This episode seems to be more in-sync with the pacing of previous seasons, and after the first two episodes which had to explain everything and everyone, this installment more appropriately narrows its focus on a specific set of characters and plot, leaving out anything to do with the Oceanic 6 and Ben’s struggle to get them back to the Island.

The episode is about who the attackers on the Island are and who they think the survivors are, both questions of which get answered relatively early. “Jughead” also focuses on Desmond’s attempt to find Faraday’s mom, leading to a few minor questions about Widmore, answers of which can be surmised about by the end of the episode. A few other interesting revelations come up as well, like how Charles Widmore knew about the island. It seems that the Island’s movement through time will lead to some pretty interesting encounters and answers, so I’m excited to see how the writers use it to create zany situations, most of which will hopefully help explain some of the lingering questions still on viewers minds, like WTF is that smoke monster and why does it sound mechanical??!?!!?

Zach's score: 9.2/10

Overall Score: 9.4/10

And so goes another episode of season 5. Look's like we both agree that the series is getting back to its roots, and it certainly is working. Let's just hope the rest of the season holds up. See you next week!

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