Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Project Trico Footage

That right there, is the first footage of the game currently known as "Trico." Possibly my most anticipated game. This really just made my day.

Apparently the video is meant for internal viewing only, is over a year old, and was also not publicly released, but leaked. Regardless of all of that, it looks amazing. I love the style of the creature, I love the atmosphere, (which, oddly enough, reminded me of a Miyazaki film) I love the animation, and I'm excited as hell.

The boy's a little boring as far as a main character, but perhaps that's on purpose? Maybe this isn't the final version of the boy? Who knows...

At this point I'm thinking this will be a prequel to Shadow of the Colossus. Perhaps this bird-dog-creature is a precursor to the colossi? It's obvious that the thing's chained up at the beginning, so we know that there are people not too fond of this creature being free. That along with the arrows in the back of it lead me to believe that the boy is the only person on this monster's side. I think the horns on its head may have something to do with the hate for the thing. That along with the fact that its a goddamn giant bird/dog monster thing. Anything I say right now is just speculation anyways.

Hopefully more is revealed at E3. I'll keep an eye open, just for you. Well, and for me a little bit. Mostly you.

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