Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This Week in Lost - 5/13/09

It has finally come to this! The fifth season finale of ABC's Lost. Fifteen weeks of time travel, drama, plot twists, and not to mention, cramped fingers from writing these out each week for you readers! Let's get on with the show:

Season 5 Finale: Episodes 16/17 - "The Incident"

JDW says: Wow ... where to start? Being double the length of a typical episode, there's a lot that went on this week to explain, so I'm going to try and keep it short. What you should know, is that this episodes focuses on the ever elusive Jacob, and yes, you actually get to see him throughout the episode. We are once again tossed back and forth between the 1977 Dharma era, as well as the modern day island crashers; but the scenes with Jacob take place at various points of characters' lives, which makes things very interesting. I should probably say it again, very interesting.

Once again, wow. I honestly think that more happened in the first half hour of this episode, than the entire season combined. And it always seems that way to an extent, the season has its dips and dives, but the finale always comes out on top, and up to the last second leaves you begging for more. It was great to finally get answers about that statue, and Jacob, not to mention seeing people we haven't seen for awhile; sure, Kate may still be whining, but this is what we've been waiting for.
JDW's Score: 9.7/10

Zach says: All I can say is wow. If you're like me, and have been wondering the whole season where Lost had gone, and what happened to all of the incredible twists and plot and mystique, well, it has been waiting until the finale. This is by far the best 2 hours of Lost in a very long time. Questions get answered, shit goes down, and of course, a super cliff hanger at the end.

Through all of their differences, the island gang come together and get work done, but does what they do change the future or was it supposed to happen? And what about Locke and the present-time gang? Well, stuff definitely went down with them too; some crazy ass stuff. Let's just say, things may not be as they appear, but of course, we'll have to wait until next season to see what that means ... I can't say too much, but just watch it for yourself. It's pretty much incredible and answers some of the biggest mysteries around, like who Jacob is. We'll let you in on more in our season wrap-up next week.
Zach's Score: 9.9/10

Overall Score: 9.8/10

What's this?! Yes, it happened. Whatever happens, happens, no?

JDW Says: Funny how when things come to an end they just seem to better than they ever were, instead of, you know ... just being good all of the time. That is why we felt "The Incident" deserves the VFH Seal of Approval. Not just because it's great on it's own, but through all the Dharma drama we've had to sit through week after week, the team behind Lost knew how to return the show back to what made it so good to begin with. To echo Jack, "We have to go back!", and we did.

Zach says: The reason the finale is getting the seal is two fold: 1. the episode is incredible in its own right, and 2. it's by far the best episode of the season. This episode isn't about drama or love rhombuses, but goes back to doing what we fell in love with in the first season; intrigue. This finale is what all of us Lost fans have been waiting for, and it makes waiting for the final season so much harder, but so worth it.

And that's it for Season 5. What did everyone else think? Be sure to check out VFH next week, as we'll have a special edition of This Week in Lost that recaps the entire season, and Zach and I will reveal our thoughts for where Season 6 will take us. 2010 can't come sooner!

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Wade said...

What exactly happened with Lost? I never really got into it, but if I'm correct it used to be an airplane of people stranded on an island? Now they got this "time travel" this, and "I can bring people back from the dead" that. I'm not saying the series is bad, I'm not one to judge something like that, but I'm just a little bamboozled about how much it has changed since the beginning.