Saturday, May 15, 2010

This Week in Doctor Who - 5/15/10

That cliffhanger was too much to bear, so one week later, here we are, let's get on with this!

Episode 5 - "Flesh and Stone"

This episodes takes place immediately after "The Time of Angels," so if you didn't see that, first off: what is wrong with you? and two: get on that right now! Having shot the gravity switch (yes, the Doctor used a gun... which he did in The End of Time already so it's not such a crazy thing anymore I suppose), the Doctor, Amy, River and the rest of Byzantium crew are brought on-board the ship to escape the oncoming hoards of Weeping Angels.

But it seems the digital Angel that Amy struck eyes with earlier is final getting to her, and taking over her mind, and after a series of unfortunate events, leaves her virtually blind, forcing her to keep her eyes closed or risk killing everyone. It's really complicated, and if anything I just made it sound more confusing. But, "the crack" is back, and this time it's big, and apparently looking into it makes people forget things or even removes things from existence, basically changing the entire structure of time itself, which of course is a very frightening thing for The Doctor, who still can't figure out the crack's origin.

It's quite a thrilling episode, and certainly this and the previous episode combined are the best thing yet since "The Eleventh Hour," which was also directed by Adam Smith. So, Mr. Smith, if you're reading this, and I doubt it, congrats on making these the best episodes of Doctor Who ever. My only issue here is trying to say what's better, this part or the first part... this part wouldn't be good had the first part not been so engaging, but at the same time the first part alone felt unfinished... I just suggest you watch both this and "The Time of Angels" together, without the week long gap, because this would have definitely worked better as a 90 minute movie instead of two 45 min episodes.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

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