Saturday, May 8, 2010

This Week in Doctor Who - 5/8/10

After a week of non-Moffat writing, the next two episodes are back in the hands of new show-runner Steven Moffat, and they better be, because this two-part story marks the return of Moffat's most memorable inclusion to the Whoniverse, the Weeping Angels.

Episode 4 - "The Time of Angels"

Despite the obvious focus being the Weeping Angels, this episode marks the return to two Moffat stories, the most notable being the fantastic Series 3 episode, "Blink," which introduced the Angels in a quite brilliant manner, and for many is their most favorite Doctor Who episode ever. The other however, is the two-part story from Series 4, "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead," which introduced Professor River Song, a woman who claims to be The Doctor's wife in the future and has a recollection of all his past and future incarnations.

So this episode opens with River in the distant future, who leaves a message for The Doctor 12,000 years in the future to find in a museum, and being The Doctor he gets in the TARDIS with Amy, and grabs River at the coordinates that she left for him. And from their they follow the trail of a ship containing a Weeping Angel, that has crashed on an uninhabited planet... or so they think.

Unlike "Blink," this episode has the Doctor dealing with the Weeping Angels directly, and not through TV screens with a random character as the focus of the episode, so in a sense, it makes it feel more like a Cybermen or Dalek episode, but with the Weeping Angels, but basically putting them on that same type of threat and interaction level. But despite that, they're still insanely creepy and are still much more of a threat, at least in their actions and design than I've ever found the Daleks or Cybermen to be. If anything bugs me about this episode it's the cliffhanger ending, which is just so unfair! Oh, and did they cake up the make up on River to make her look younger? Because she totally looks older and I'm pretty sure they're trying to say this takes place before "Silence in the Library"... anyways, we'll finish this next week!

Overall Score: 9/10

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