Saturday, May 15, 2010

FlashForward gets canned

So much for trying something new for This Week In, the show that everyone hoped and/or thought would be the new Lost, FlashForward, failed to live up to the hype and judging by our own reviews for the show, just got gradually worse. Turns out we weren't alone.

After numerous scheduling delays, writer changes, and an abridged first season, ABC has completely pulled the plug on the show, which will complete its first and only season in two weeks. Despite this, Zach and I will still review the remaining two episodes and possibly even do a series recap to see where things went wrong. But yeah, we tried at least.

As for what's next for This Week In, after Lost finishes, and FlashForward obviously, there's not much left. There's one more episode of Fringe's second season, but at least that is coming back in the fall. And there's still Doctor Who, but like Fringe, that's just me reviewing, not Zach and I, so we're going to look into something that we can both review come the fall. But as it stands right now, with all the TV cancellations and doubtful new series coming to network television, it's hard to say what's next for This Week In.

However, if you have suggestions, feel free to e-mail us or comment!

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