Tuesday, May 18, 2010

This Week in Lost - 5/18/10

The final episode before the two and a half hour series finale. This Sunday, it all comes to end, and this episode sets it all up. I mean, do I even have to tell you that there's SPOILERS?

Episode 16 - "What They Died For"

Zach says: Let's go to the alternate universe first. The episode opens with Jack, and that odd scar on his neck, which happens to be bleeding. No big deal though, aside from again pointing to its importance. Jack leaves the bathroom and sits to eat breakfast with his son, and Claire. It's good to see Jack having a good relationship with his son, and then with his sister, which never happened in the regular universe. It's interesting though, as in this life, everything seems to be going well for Jack, as opposed to the real universe, where things weren't so good. I'm going to guess that these two different Jacks will come into conflict with one another in the finale.

Desmond shows up at the school again, but this time, Ben catches him, however, but can't withhold him. Instead, Desmond beats the crap out of Ben, which happens to jog Ben's memory of the time when Desmond beat him up after trying to kill Penny. Desmond told Ben that he was trying to help Locke, and get him to "let go", which Ben then tells Locke. This causes Locke to go back to Jack, saying everything is happening for a reason, and that he is ready to get out of that chair. Jack seems happy and willing to help still, but doesn't believe in fate. Sounds familiar, although you would think that Jack would believe as Locke does, after trying so hard to track his father down and finding out that everyone was on that flight...

Desmond isn't done yet though. He then turns himself in for running over Locke and beating up Ben, and gets locked up in jail with Sayid and Kate. He's a man with a plan for sure, and ends up bribing a cop, Ana Lucia, and all three escape, with the help of Hurley. Hurley is most definitely down with Desmond's plan, and even recognizes Ana Lucia, from the island, which is somewhat interesting. How much more does he "remember", and to what point in time? Anyways, Desmond says they are going to a concert.

Now back to the island. Everyone pretty pissed about what Locke did, and agree that he needs to die. Sawyer feels pretty guilty about the bomb, and feels it's his fault, but Jack tries to reassure him. On their way to get Desmond out of the well, Hugo sees child Jacob, who asks for the ashes back and then runs off. Hugo gives chase, to find adult Jacob, who tells him to gather the crew. Something interesting is going on here, as Hugo was the only one who could see child Jacob, but everyone could see adult Jacob. I'm thinking there is something with these ashes, like a phoenix. Anyways, the ashes were thrown in a fire, and once the fire goes out, Jacob will be gone forever, so someone has to step up and become the next protector of the island.

Jacob tells them he brought them there because they didn't have a happy existence where they were. They were alone, and looking for something, so he didn't feel guilty for taking them out of their lives. He also explains that he crossed out Kate's name because she became a mother, and I guess meant she had something to live for, but she could still have the job. This happens to be a bit of a moot point, because Jack steps up to take the job of protector. He says he is SUPPOSED to do it.

So, Jacob leads Jack to a stream, asks for a cup, and fills it with water, which is used like the wine with Jacob and his mother from last episode, to pass the torch. Jack seems slightly hesitant at first, asking how long he'll have to do this job, but drinks willingly. Jacob and Jack also bring up a point, that basically says that only special people can reach that cave with the light, and that you normally can't get there, which is interesting. How exactly is it hidden and protected, and if it is, why do they need an actual person protecting it?

On the other end of the island, we finally catch up with Miles, Ben, and Richard, who are going to Ben's house to pick up some C4 to blow that plane to hell. Well, not sure they're going to make it, as Widmore shows up at the house as well. And soon, so does Locke. Everyone goes crazy, with Widmore and his lady hiding in the closet, Ben going out to meet his fate, Richard going out to try to get Locke to leave, and Miles running the hell out of there into the forest, I believe, with the C4. Well, Richard instantly gets smacked by the smoke monster, and we don't see him again. He could be alive, but he could also be dead. Ben has a bit more luck, but turns to his douche self. It seemed that Ben had truly repented for his wrongs, but now, he is a dick again. Locke talks to him, and says he needs some help killing some people, to which Ben asks why he should help. Locke says once everyone is dead, Ben can have the island all to himself.

So, Ben tells him Widmore is hiding out in the closet, Locke almost instantly kills the female, and asks Widmore to tell him why he is on the island, lest he kill Penny. Widmore says, and is later confirmed, that he brought Desmond to the island as a failsafe, to stop Locke from getting off the island if all of the candidates were killed. Widmore didn't want Ben knowing this for some reason, but it doesn't really matter, as Ben shoots Widmore multiple times. I guess that rivalry is over. It's a bit disappointing to just see Widmore die, but I guess he played his part in getting Desmond on the island.

Ben and Locke then take a stroll to Desmond's well, however, Desmond was apparently helped out via a rope. It's hard to say who let him out, but it couldn't have been Sayid, or he wouldn't have told Jack about him. So, Locke plans to find Desmond and get him to destroy the island. End episode. So, it seems that not only does Locke want to "get off the island", but he really wants to destroy it. It's a little odd that Locke would tell this to Ben, as he already promised Ben the island, so we'll see if Ben continues to cooperate, which wouldn't make ANY friggin' sense. I mean, Locke already tricked Ben into killing Jacob, which obviously didn't turn out to well, yet he still trusts him? He better not during the finale, or he better have a plan or something.

And where is Claire? Last we saw, she was pretty appalled about the sub getting blown up, so I'm guessing she's not really on Locke's side anymore. She's bound to turn up eventually. Just five days until the conclusion. Holy crap.
Zach's Score: 8.5/10

JDW says: As usual, Zach leaves nothing left for me to say... I liked this episode, to say the least. I mean, it definitely had some answer and finalizing moments, as it should being that this was the last regular episode before this Sunday's two and a half hour series finale. Some of this whole island protection/heart of the island/keep it safe crap is still very vague, but at least Jack stepped up as Jacob's replacement, and I mean... who didn't see that coming? ... Oh, you all knew? Woops.

The flash-sideways universe, however, is still a bit of a mystery. It's one episode away from the finale and it still kind of looks like a "what if" world and not so much connected to the island events other than the Final Destination-like shimmers of island memories. Like, as nice as it was to see Ben get some resolution with Rousseau and Alex, it kind of doesn't really matter if that universe is believed to not be real. And why are they so shifty about revealing Jack's son's mother? We know it's Juliette (I mean, really, it just has to be) so why are they taking their time not telling us? I feel weird saying this, but, one episode to go... it better be the best most answer-making one ever.
JDW's score: 9/10

Overall Score: 8.8/10

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