Monday, January 11, 2010

Spider-Man gets Rebooted

It's the comic movies of the night! Sony Pictures has announced that the 2011 slated Spider-Man 4 film is no more, and the studio with start from Peter Parker's high-school days with a new cast, film crew, and release date set for 2012.

That's right, after two fantastic films and one not so great, Sam Raimi, Toby Maguire and the rest of the cast and crew that made the Spider-Man film franchise so memorable will not be returning when the web-slinger comes back to theaters next time. There's no work on the new cast/crew for this Spider-Man reboot, but Sony and Marvel seem pretty set on that 2012 release.

Personally, I'm a bit upset. I liked the Spider-Man films... except for the third; but regardless I was really looking forward to what Sam Raimi had in mind for the next film, if anything I was just looking for proper closure because I didn't get it from the third film. Plus I liked Raimi's filming style, I thought Toby Macguire was a believable Peter Parker, and Bruce Campbell was just awesome as usual.

But what bothers me the most about the reboot is that it hasn't even been ten years since the first Spider-Man released, isn't a reboot a little soon? I mean, I can understand why Marvel chose to reboot film franchises like The Punisher and Hulk (and DC with Batman) so soon after their first releases because those films just weren't that great to carry on. But Spider-Man 1 and 2 were some of the greatest comic adaptations of all time. Maybe Marvel should try making some new film franchises that are good (Iron Man is close, X-Men... not so much), instead of just rebooting already done characters. It's quality, not quantity that counts, I don't care what that check from Disney tells you.

Check out the lengthy press release at Ain't It Cool News

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