Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bernard Sumner answers my question!

I pooped a little... Joy Division/New Order/Bad Lieutenant guitarist (and frontman of the latter two bands) answered the second round of Q&A questions on Bad Lieutenant's website today, and guess whose question got answered? MINE!

Now, I wrote this question like... two months ago, and being a Blur fanboy I was a bit annoyed that Blur's bassist, Alex James, didn't get more than just a couple inclusions on some tracks, despite being a reason the band formed in the first place. Here's my question and the answer I got from Bernard Sumner:

"JDW: While I understand that Alex James only appears on a few tracks Never Cry Another Tear, and he wasn’t in the final band because of “distance issues,” but is there any chance of him getting a more central part in the future of Bad Lieutenant? It’s a shame that a talent like his gets over shadowed by fellow Blur-mates Damon and Graham, and it seemed when he finally got his own chance to shine, he was put in the backseat again.

BS: I think that’s a matter of perception. I see all the musicians in Blur with equal standing really. Obviously, the singer is going to get a bit more attention because he is doing something different to the others, is usually the focal point for the band and is usually the biggest c***. The guitarist always looks a bit clever because he’s got so many strings and apparently knows what to do with them. The drummer is the backbone of the band and is the real underrated one. Mmm … Bass players … mmm …"

Besides being surprised that he actually answered my question, I'm a little amused/annoyed at how he dodged the question, seeming having nothing to say about bass players in the end. Thanks Barney. I guess I can consider that our first interview...

Visit Bad Lieutenant's website for the original article.

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