Friday, September 18, 2009

No More Weekly Store Updates

Hello readers, the Fall/Winter season comes upon us, things tend to get busy around here. And, as you may have seen, starting with last night's This Week in Fringe, we're going to have a bigger focus on weekly features and exclusive reviews instead of just reporting news/updates.

For me, one of the biggest pains every week was posting the Nintendo Download, PlayStation Store, and Xbox Live Marketplace weekly updates. Why? Because even though a bulk of it is just copy/paste from the shop update releases themselves, there's a lot of reformatting I need to do for something that most readers can easily just find elsewhere. The XBLM update specifically was most troublesome because it's a case where I have to check daily, and actually search to see what's new each day.

So, starting this week, we will no longer be posting the updates for digital stores. Sorry if this bothers you, but hopefully the increase in original content will be appreciated.

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