Thursday, June 4, 2009

After Thoughts: E3 2009 - Day 2

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Another day down. While I did get a chance to play a lot more games, I didn't really have the time to write about them, so be sure to stay tuned to get hands-on impressions on a variety of games, from Red Faction and Wet, to Tiger Woods and Silent Hill.

Luckily, while waltzing around the show floor, I decided to head upstairs to the meeting rooms, where I found I actually had access to, so I could check out some special things around the convention center, like get to play and see a variety of games that weren't on the show floor for regular exhibitors to see. These included a few titles from Bethesda, Saboteur from EA, and an eyes-on demo of Mass Effect 2, which was pretty cool.

I'll be on the show floor again tomorrow trying to play some more games, including God of War III, Bayonetta, and The Grinder, just to name a few. I also have a special meeting with Bill Roper, Executive Producer of Champions Online, tomorrow afternoon, so that could be very interesting to learn what he is doing with the game and perhaps future projects.

Talk to you tomorrow.

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