Monday, June 1, 2009

After Thoughts: E3 2009 - Day 0

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Well hello hello there. I'm here in Los Angeles, in the trenches, soaking in all that E3 has to offer. Although E3 hasn't officially started yet, some major stuff has gone down. What I've had the pleasure to see today are the Microsoft and Ubisoft conferences. I also got to see the city a bit, as I walked around to pick up my Nintendo pass for their conference tomorrow, and got rejected for the Sony event, sadness. Also, last night I went to Kotaku's Pre-E3 party, which was decent.

To start off, Microsoft's conference was pretty epic. They showcased a ton of great games, in my opinion, even though none of them were super shockers, but it seemed like they had a lot of good content. I wasn't too impressed with the entertainment-like features, with Facebook and Twitter and the like, but I guess it's good to have such things available. The main thing they showed off was their new peripheral/controller, codenamed Natal. It's definitely still in the works and won't be available for awhile I don't think, but something that will be interesting to follow and see how Microsoft uses it. I think they could make it their main input device in their next console, which will be interesting.

Ubisoft also showed off a lot of good stuff too. The beginning of their conference was pretty boring, unfortunately, with James Cameron going on and on about Avatar, but then they got into the games and they had a lot of good stuff to show off. Now, it wasn't all good, but they had some good titles.

Tomorrow is going to be a huge day. I get to go to Nintendo's conference, and then there's Sony's, not to mention the show floor opens and it is just going to be crazy. I'm not sure exactly what to expect, but I don't think I'm prepared. Get ready.

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