Friday, May 29, 2009

Kojima teaser site shows another face

When the Kojima teaser site last updated, we were treated to an image of Big Boss. This time around we are given another familiar face ... or is it?

Personally I think it's Raiden; I mean ... it's extremely obvious that it is him because the armor and jaw is the same as it was in Metal Gear Solid 4. But there's some nay-sayers on the internet claiming it to be a Grey Fox, future Sunny or another woman. First off, if you played Portable Ops, you'd know Grey Fox looks nothing like that; and as for Sunny or a woman in general ... I know Raiden is a little feminine looking, but seriously, give the man a break.

My guess at this point, is that what we're seeing now is for a Metal Gear Solid 4 DLC expansion(s); which will feature two different stories from the past. One being from the perspective of young Big Boss, the other from Raiden's point of view after MGS2 until the events of MGS4. Why? Because there's still more to say about Big Boss's past, and Raiden cyborg suit there looks to be at a transitional state from how he finally looks in MGS4, and we never actually see how he comes to be that way.

Just a hunch, but E3 can't come any sooner!

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