Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Have we played MGS Touch before?

It just may be so, soon after reviewing the two released screenshots of Metal Gear Solid Touch, I noticed something. The gameplay looks shockingly familiar to an unlockable Flash game (Special Mission: 02) at the Metal Gear Solid 4 website.

Top: The Flash game; Bottom: MGS Touch

The Flash game is a point and click shooter; which would make plenty of sense for a touch screen transfer, I just hope it's not the same game because that would be a really cheep move by both Konami and Kojima for having viral marketing for a game we've already played. Sure, the interface graphics are a little different, but it's still far too similar. Hopefully, some answers will come soon.

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Hampig said...

You know, the interface does look too simple for a full mgs now that i think about it.