Thursday, December 18, 2008

Goodbye Super Deluxe

Sadly, Turner Broadcasting's online comedy channel is no more. After the long standing news that it's content would merge with, Super Deluxe officially went offline as of today.

The biggest problem, is that the content didn't really "merge" with Adult Swim. Instead a handful of content from Brad Neeley, Bob Odenkirk, Devin Flynn, and Tim & Eric have been added to Adult Swim Video, and don't feature the uncensored glory that was Super Deluxe. The rest of the artists, including user submitted videos, are all gone, without warning.

No longer will you be able watch Bob Odenkirk's fantastic series Derek & Simon: The Show, or watch Fark TV's hilarious parodies, or maybe even get a cheep, perverted laugh from Position of the Day. It's a damn shame and there was no reason for Turner to go an delete it all, especially without warning. I hope at some point a bulk of the content becomes available elsewhere, uncensored and all, because I'm seriously in shock that it went away just like that...

The service would have marked its two year anniversary on January 17th. So much for that.

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