Saturday, November 29, 2008

Poll #9 Results

As December comes, another poll goes, here are the results for November's reader intrusive poll:

Where do you Social Network?

Facebook - 66%
MySpace - 55%
YouTube - 33%
deviantART - 33%
Flickr - 11%
I Don't - 11%
Other - 0%

So I guess reports are true, and Facebook has taken over MySpace's reign as most popular social networking site. However from my point of view, we have a much bigger audience on MySpace than we do on Facebook, so you be the judge. As for YouTube tieing with deviantART ... well I suppose not ever uses YouTube as a social network as much as they do just use it to watch random videos. And deviantART I put on the list for good measure, never thought it'd match YouTube though. Then there's poor Flickr, I never found it very socialable to begin with, but I know many folks use it. Let's not forgot those of you that don't social network, to each their own I guess. I was against the whole networking thing myself .. but now look at me (yikes!). And lastly, Other, I guess there is nothing? I've been thinking about getting a Twitter account for VFH, as it looks to be the next big thing, but I haven't the slughtest clue in how it works.

Next poll should be up!

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