Friday, October 31, 2008

This Week In Adult Swim - 10/31/08

This week we have the second and final episode of Young Person's Guide To History, new Superjail!, and two new episodes of Moral Orel. Let's get to it!

Young Person's Guide To History - Part Two. After last week's surprisingly funny premiere, will we get a fitting finale? The episode starts us off at 1800; Franklin and Hamilton are fishing when a sea-monster Jefferson comes and takes then to the Library of Congress, which is at the bottom of the ocean. There's even a quick cameo from Tim and Eric. Next comes 1804, Thomas Jefferson comes to Ben Franklin to create him a Vice President. Sadly this episode did not live up to the promising Part One, it had its moments, but it just wasn't all there.
Overall score - 6.5/10

The only part that made me laugh, and only slightly

Superjail! - Terrorarium. The Warden shows off his new invention at the Science Fair, and has put 5 inmates into his 'terrorarium' in which they are shrunk, and forced to survive a fierce jungle in order to return to drink a growth serum and return to normal size; but the serum ends up getting in the wrong hands. This episode is back to Superjail's usual violence, yet gives it a little twist again. For me, a laugh definitely came from Jared's hallucinations, as it usually does.
Overall score - 7.5/10

Thank you for laughs talking food; the rest ... eh

Moral Orel - Dumb. Back to two episodes a week, this is six of thirteen. As the case with most of the season, the episodes starts off differently, as it should, as this episode is about Orel friend, Joe. In fact Orel's only seen twice; the episode focuses on Joe's home life and the search for his mother, who end's up being someone we know. The episode was pretty decent, and as with Doughy, it was nice to get more insight on these other characters. At the same time it felt like nothing was happening even when it was
Overall score - 8/10

From 'Dumb'; Joe ... you've got issues.

Moral Orel - Help. Seven of thirteen, and another altered opening. This episode not only takes place before the hunting trip, it takes place before everything. The episode focuses on a younger Bloberta as she remembers why she married Clay. The episode surprised me, not so much for the content, but the fluidity of the some of he animation was surprisingly well done. Also, it was great seeing a side of the show we've never seen.
Overall score - 9/10

Not an amazing set, but as stated, each show had their moments. Next week we'll see two more Orels, a new Superjail, and something called Xtacles ... but I have no idea what that is. Also don't forget about Brad Neeley's America Now, with new episodes every weekday until November 4th!

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Chus said...

There's nothing more exciting than a midnight premiere of a cartoon series, especially one from Sealab 2021's Matt Thompson. The new Adult Swim show is actually a spin-off from Thompson's other well-known work, Frisky Dingo. Its widely anticipated third season hasn't been aired yet, but the series creators came up with a solution. Just this weekend, Adult Swim launched the first two episodes of The Xtacles.