Thursday, October 23, 2008

Brad Neeley - America Now

One of my favorite Super Deluxe artists had a long hiatus after Turner went and cut down half of the site's projects. But it looks like Brad Neeley has found new life at, with a new series called America Now. And what's even better is that there will be a new segment every weekday until the US election on November 4th!

This is not Brad Neeley's first time on Adult Swim; all four episodes of his series China, IL were aired together on [as] during the summer. As far as I can tell, each of these America Now segments are musical, but that's what Mr. Neeley does best, in my opinion, so I'm all for it.

For America Now, and future episodes see Adult Swim Video
To see Brad Neeley's other work see Super Deluxe

And as a little note, chances are I won't cover these on This Week In Adult Swim, mainly because of their short length and inevitable abundance.


Hampig said...

Is this the dude that made babycakes?

JDW said...

yes, isnt it obvious?

Hampig said...

Yeah, just making sure.