Friday, October 24, 2008

This Week In Adult Swim - 10/24/08

Sorry for tonight's delay, I've been on a binge of Lost and I got to the season two finale (trying to catch up on the series so we can have a similar This Week In feature for the show's fifth season). Anyways, this week we have new Superjail!, one new Moral Orel, and the premiere of a two part series, Young Person's Guide To History.

Young Person's Guide To History - Part One. This two-part series is actually a technical spin-off of the live-action, purposely poor looking, Saul of the Molemen series. Basically the premise is a really twisted take on history, in example, the episode starts in 1776 with Thomas Jefferson ripping a tattooed Declaration of Independence from his chest. From there is a pretty demented and humorous alternate telling what could have been. The next half starts off in 1782, and our heroes Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson are trying to find an animal to represent America ... but Jefferson ends up thinking he's a wolf. I have to say, I had really, really low expectations for this, but I ended up getting more laughs than I expected. Also, I enjoyed seeing Dana Snyder playing the same character that he does in every show.
Overall Score - 8/10

Hey Franklin!!!

Superjail! - Don't Be A Negaton. The Warden brings in his favorite motivation speaker, DL Diamond to give a speech a Superjail. DL Diamond looks like a big mash up of everything that was awful about glam rock (everything), so right away I got the impression of Metalocalypse's Dr. Rockso, luckily DL doesn't do cocaine though ... well at least he didn't say he did. Anyways, it turns out DL isn't all he's cracked out to be and as usual, all hell breaks loose. But it's not as usual, infact the episode has very little violence, instead swaping blood for trippy colors and halcinations. I know I'd complain about the violence becoming cliche, but in a way, without out it, it just didn't feel like Superjail!.
Overall Score - 7/10

The violence is there, it's just masked

Moral Orel - Trigger. Fifth of thirteen, this week's episode is all alone, not sticking to the two a week format we were getting. This once again takes place before the hunting trip; Doughy is starting to hate how his parents neglect him and is appointed by Mr. Puppington to help Orel out by becoming his shooting coach. Too bad Doughy ends up just abusing Orel's trigger finger and stirs up trouble. I personally liked getting a better look at Doughy's home life, with his 1950s teenage parents; it's one of those elements of the show you just never quite understand. The episode was OK, nothing over the top, but nothing awful, it was just average. I did notice that it was the first time Doughy didn't say "Bye Orel...", but trivia doesn't make up for averageness.
Overall Score - 7.5/10

Poor Doughy...

Not the great week we had last week, but there's still something to be had. I'm still surprised that out of all things, Young Person's Guide To History ended up being the highlight of the week for me. Next week we'll be back on two Orels, new Superjail!, and the second and final part to Young Person's Guide. Also don't forget about Brad Neeley's America Now, with new episodes every weekday until November 4th!

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