Friday, October 17, 2008

This Week In Adult Swim - 10/17/08

Here is the third installment of our latest feature, 'This Week In Adult Swim'. This week we have the fourth episode of Superjail! as well as two more episodes of Moral Orel's final season. I missed the TV premiere of "Innocence" yesterday night, so I cannot report on the televised commentary, sorry.

Superjail! - Cold-Blooded. The episode opens ups with Jackknife up to his usual stunts, but after a tussle, it's actually a different inmate that's picked up, and the episode focuses on him. Well for the most part, eventually poor Jared is sent as an undercover prisoner and becomes the new boss amongst the inmates after a slight misunderstanding. This is the most explicit eipsodes so far, not just in terms of violence, but there's a lot of foul language and over the top sexual humor that wasn't as apparent in episodes prior. And you guessed it, there's another huge brawl at the end, luckily this one takes place in a whole different environment, and ends up feeling fresh despite becoming a cliche.
Overall score - 8.5/10

WARNING: Crude sexual humor

Moral Orel - Innocence. Third of the final thirteen; this episode opens up with a song that's sure to please you, unless your ... you know, Christian. Once again this takes place in the past, it's actually a day before the last episode, 'Grounded', and the church is upset with Orel's "I Hate You Jesus" song. So they all agree to no longer give him advice as it always seem to turn out poorly. Because of it's place in time there are a few repeat scenes, but it actually makes the previous episodes make more sense, so it's all good. I would have to consider this one of my more favorite episodes of the series, mainly because it's all timed so well, and I have nothing to be offended by.
Overall score - 9.5/10

"I Hate You Jesus"

Moral Orel - Alone. Once again, this episode has a different opening than usual; this time its paired with a radio broadcast that virtually narrates the time and setting this episode is in. As the title hints, the episode deals with the family-less characters of Moralton. In fact, you could forget about what I said about 'Grounded's darkness, THIS is by far the darkest I think the show can go; or as stated by Adult Swim "The final nail in the show's coffin". Put it this way, when you're getting canceled, I guess you can do anything; and for that alone, and the censorship this episode completely ignores, I have to praise it. Stick it to the man!
Overall Score - 9/10

A decent batch of premieres, and I ask of you, please watch Moral Orel. Unless you're so stuck in your beliefs that it stops you from watching such a show, you have no reason not to watch it, especially now.

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