Saturday, November 1, 2008

PixelJunk Monsters footage

I finally got the PixelJunk Monsters patch; I ended up having to delete the game and redownload it though, because there was issue downloading the straight patch. And then came the Video Recording, which I couldnt upload to YouTube directly because of my connection, but I was able to save the videos to my system, copy them to a flash drive, and then upload them to YouTube via my laptop. And yes, I did it all for you. There's three parts, but it's continuous footage of levels Easy 1, Easy 2, and the Tutorial level.

Easy 1

Easy 1 continued, Easy 2

Easy 2 continued, Tutorial, Menu

I have to say, I'm enjoying the game much more now with the difficulty changes and little fixes here and there. I can actually enjoy the experience and the art and music without getting my ass kicked. Now I just have to wait for an Eden update that does the same...


Hampig said...

Easy? Psh!

Looks fun though.

JDW said...

Easy is the names of the level, as theyre the first 2 levels of the game, I barely played the game prior to the update because 1, other stuff was out at the time, 2 the difficulty didnt match the experience.

Hampig said...

Was it worth the money?

JDW said...

well, its regularly $9.99. I got it when it was on sale in the summer for $4.99; it was my first PSN purchase. I got it after playing the demo. But especially with the update now, its chock-full of features, so yeah id say its worth it.