Friday, October 31, 2008

Poll #8 Results

Happy Halloween! Good thing the poll is completely unrelated.... on to the results! We basically asked this poll just to get an idea of channels that people watched. While I understand it's not specific, what people watch on satellite TV will obviously differ from standard cable or what you watch online. So yeah, our recent coverage of TV shows also has to deal with this, so it's all relevant.

What type of TV service do you have?

Digital Cable - 50%
Cable - 20%
Satellite - 10%
I use my computer - 10%
None - 10%
Antenna - 0%
Other - 0%

Digital cable's a good answer, it's good to know that a bulk of our readers have over 300 channels, this way almost any TV coverage becomes relevant. It's also great to see that no one uses an antenna still, and with antenna service dropping in February 2009, you better not still have one. As for "other" I just put that in for good measure, I have no idea what other options their actually are...

New poll is up!

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