Thursday, July 3, 2008

Playstation Store Update - 7/3/08

This weeks updates are too exciting. It's the first update of the month so there's a new episode of Qore, and there's a free track for you Guitar Her or Rock Bando players. The rest ...

Qore Episode 02: July, 2008
- $2.99 Issue, $24.99 Annual Subscription

Add-On Content
Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
“Top Gun Anthem” - Steve Ouimette - Free
Rock Band
-“Promised Land” - Vesuvius - Free
“Who’s Going Home with You Tonight?” - Trapt - $0.99
“Time Is Running Out” - Papa Roach - $0.99
“Down at the Whisky” - Motley Crüe - $0.99
Crüe Fest Pack 1 - includes all 3 $0.99 songs above - $2.99

Game Videos (All Free)
Killzone 2 Trailer
Valkyria Chronicles Teaser Trailer
Battlefield: Bad Company Bad World Trailer
Battlefield: Bad Company Rainbow Sprinkles Trailer
Battlefield: Bad Company Snake Eyes Trailer
Dead Space Animated Comic Issue #2
Dead Space Animated Comic Issue #3
Tiger Woods ‘09 Course Video
Vampire Rain Altered Species #1
Vampire Rain Altered Species #2

Movie and Blu-ray Trailers (All Free)
Lakeview Terrace
John Mayer Live In Los Angeles
Vantage Point

Themes (All Free)
Woodward Theme (PS3 or PSP)
Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution Theme (PS3)
PSN Theme (PSP)

PS3 Wallpaper (Free)
Top Spin 3 Wallpaper

Also, a note for Metal Gear Solid 4 players, the Extras menu gets you free downloadable content, and it seems to update every Thursday as well. This week brings us two OctoCamo patterns: Laughing Camo and Rage Camo. When equipped, soldiers that spot you will react with either laughter or rage, depending on the Camo equiped.

And being as I havent covered this yet: so far two other Camo patterns have become available (Red Digital and Blue Digital); and a few songs for the in-game iPod have become available as well. Note, no more Integral Podcasts have been put up for download yet, though the option is still there, so stay tuned each Thursday!

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