Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mega Man 9

In the recent years, Mega Man has really lost its way. Being a huge fan of Mega Man, having been playing the games even before I could comprehend what I was doing, (before I even had a first birthday! Wow...) I have to say it makes me sad to see the direction the series has taken. All these spin-offs don't do the originals justice. My fond memories of Mario are often brought to surface with the likes of remakes, ports, and just general paraphernalia, but their is nothing to do that for Mega Man.

All that is about to change. Mega Man 9, as you probably already know is a complete throwback to the likes of Mega Man 2. Amazing. This one paragraph from the creator of Mega Man himself has restored my faith in the series;

"Inafune: Mega Man 9 will be much closer to Mega Man 2. As mentioned earlier, in the process of going back to our roots, we came to conclude that those fancy moves were unnecessary. There are many gamers who claim that Mega Man 2 is their absolute favorite. I took it as an indication that Mega Man is not all about the moves. The beauty of Mega Man actually lies in its simplicity and a fine mixture of simple gameplay, puzzle-like thrill of maneuvering tricks at the last minute, and battles. Instead of new moves, we’ve tried to find an excellent balance in the game design and to achieve “simplicity and fun” in the very detailed-oriented age."

Hardcore awesome. If you're even a relative fan of Mega Man, I urge you to buy this game. Maybe Capcom will realize that we want fun games, not crappy turn based, story driven piles of lame. We'll keep you updated on this future WiiWare title, so keep an eye open.

Info and image from GamesRadar's Interview with Keiji Inafune
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