Friday, July 4, 2008

Devil May Cry on.... PSP?

Yeah, it looks like it! I was just browsing the Japanese Capcom website trying to find more info on Mega Man Powered Up (yeah, late, I know) but when I went to their PSP games list I found something very interesting listed at the top of the page... a listing for Devil May Cry! And unlike the rest of the titles on the list it lacks a website, or any other information. So there you have it, it looks like Devil May Cry is coming to PSP, all we need is the official announcement any maybe E3.

Capcom of Japan - PSP Games list (check the top of the list!)

Bonus Links: Joystiq,

UPDATE: Looks like this wasn't a breakthrough, in fact apperently it's been there since 2005... seriously Capcom, wtf?!

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