Friday, March 18, 2011

This Week in Doctor Who: 3/18/11

Before I get to reviewing last week's Fringe (sorry about that delay by the way), I have another surprise! New Doctor Who!

In honor of Comic Relief's Red Nose Day, the BBC have produced a new Doctor Who short, which leads into the new season in April. Thankfully, because Red Nose Day isn't acknowledged in America apparently, the BBC have posted the new short in 2 parts on YouTube:

Red Nose Day Special - "Time" and "Space"

When this mini-special was announced a week ago, it said there would be two 4-minute shorts. One called "Time" and another called "Space". The video itself only has one title card, and it says "Space" but the YouTube page from the BBC calls it "Time" Parts 1 and 2... so, I'll just call it "Time" and "Space".

It's a short special, but it's sweet. If you needed to compare it to anything, it's like the Children in Need specials, Doctor Who: Children in Need, and the fanboytastic "Time Crash". Since I've actually posted the episode I don't think there's a need to summarize anything for you.

But I will say this, while I enjoyed it, it's kind of annoying that the rules of time seem to change in every episode of this Moffat-Who era. I still love the new series to bits, but the law has to be laid down at some point. Plus, right before there was two Matt Smith's in the room, I crossed my fingers hoping for Christopher Eccleston or Paul McGann to appear; not that it would make any sense, but after all, "Time Crash" did happen. Otherwise, fun short, and I can't wait for "The Impossible Astronaut," but these time rules have gotta be made clear.

Overall Score: 8/10

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