Friday, March 18, 2011

Last Week in Fringe: 3/11/10

Had to change the title of this post for obvious reasons. As you may have realized, this season of Fringe, both Zach and I have been reviewing the episodes, where as with Season 2, I did it alone. Well, it turns out that Zach has been away for the past week or so, unable to watch the episode, so we decided, last minute obviously, that I'd go solo on this one. Which is a shame because I'd of loved to hear what Zach had to say on this one...

Episode 16 - "Os"

And now for why I'd of loved to hear what Zach had to say, THE EPISODE OPENS WITH HURLEY FROM LOST, who happens to be a security guard at Massive Dynamic and decides to get high with Walter, when Walter realizes no one ever enters William Bell's old office, and starts browsing through his files. Sadly, that's the last we see of Jorge Garcia as well.

Soon after, the "case of the week" kicks in, wall climbing burglars who somehow float when they die... and later become heavier than a truck. What does this mean?! Well, since I'm a week late I'll just tell you. Our universe is collapsing, and elements are changing their properties. So somehow Cameron from Ferris Beuller, now a scientist who has a paraplegic son, is looking for a cure to make his son walk again, and has been experimenting on other paraplegic boys to get it to work just right. Sounds a lot like Walter... in a way. So it was an interesting comparison/parallel.

In other news, everyone's encouraging Peter to get with Olivia. So we'll see where that goes... All in all, I enjoyed this episode. Seeing Hurley on TV, albeit briefly totally made the episode for me; but the case of the week and how it related to Walter was really cool for once. Plus, it was Cameron, CMAAAAN!

But then there's the twist ending... without Leonard Nimoy. And Olivia makes the dumbest voice ever... See you again tonight!

Overall Score: 8.8/10

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