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This Week in Fringe - 3/18/11

Hello hello. Sorry for missing last week, but I had my Spring Break and went out to Las Vegas to gamble away all my money. Luckily, I was able to sell everything except for my computer, so I can still make these posts. Because JayRad got to do last week's episode by himself, I'll go ahead and take responsibility for this week.

Episode 17 - "Stowaway"

Zach says: At the end of last week's episode, "Os", we saw William Bell inhabit Olivia's body. This happening remains constant this week, with Bell taking control of Olivia. For obvious reasons, Peter isn't too happy about this, but Walter is quite excited by the reunion. We see Walter and Bell team up on their investigation, making a great pair, cracking jokes, and solving problems.

We are left hanging though from last episode, with decoding the discs from the shape shifters. Bell said the decoder was in his office, but instead of following up on that lead, we learn that Bell must find another suitable host, so Olivia can live her life. We are also distracted with a 'case of the week', with a woman who is apparently unable to die.

This case doesn't really seem that unremarkable to me, but it has a semi-message to deliver about fate and destiny, which ties into Bell and Peter. I wasn't too impressed though.

At the end of the episode, Bell still hasn't found another body, but we see him talking with Peter, at which point a church bell rings, bringing back Olivia's consciousness for a few seconds, after which Bell returns and says that things might be a bit more complicated than he originally thought. I don't see how that alone complicated much, and I would assume Bell's original assumptions would still hold true, but I'm guessing we'll see where this goes next week, perhaps with the ability of switching between Olivia and Bell on command.

Oh, and we also see Lincoln Lee in the normal universe, working with the FBI. We had previously seen him in the alternate universe, apparently in love with Fauxlivia, but had yet to see him here. He had been investigating the woman who couldn't die and joined up with the Fringe gang to solve the mystery. At the end of the case, he basically lets Peter know to call him if they need anymore help, showing his interest in the group. It'll be interesting to see how this develops.
Zach's Score: 8/10

JDW says: Zach basically covered everything, so I guess that's fair. I watched the episode, but I was in a pretty shitty mood so I don't think I'm write to score it. But something tells me that the Lincoln Lee we saw was actually the Other Side's version, spying on Fringe Division, thinking he could just get away with the Clark Kent disguise and the luck that Olivia was taken over by Bell and unable to recognize him at the time. But that's just my guess.
No Score

Overall Score: 8/10

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