Friday, January 21, 2011

This Week In Fringe - 1/21/11

Fringe has returned, but at its new time, Fridays at 9/8 Central, and it continues just where it left off, I think. I don't really remember....but, we have the real Olivia in the right place, and the whole gang is doing what they do. First review of 2011!

Episode 10 - "The Firefly"

Zach says: This week doesn't mess with any random case files, but sticks to the point, more or less, which is winding down to the end game. Fringe's future is uncertain, and this could possibly be its last season, and if that is the case, then the writers will want to have some sort of conclusion to wrap things up, so they can't afford to waste time.

The Observers are back, and aim to set things right, which Walter messed up so many years ago taking Peter from the alternate universe to save his life, with unforeseen consequences abound.

Luckily, Walter realizes that he did indeed mess up things and turned the worlds on their heads, and knows he might have to make sacrifices to fix them, however, he may not be willing to lose Peter again, although he did give in this time. Will he be able to in the future, with real stakes at hand? I'm thinking we'll find out soon enough.
Zach's Score: 8/10

JDW says: Usually Zach writes the review review and I just have a rebuttal, but... whatever. Cause while this episode did more or less stick to the main story, there was actually a 'case of the week' it was just a bit more light-hearted and didn't involve inspecting dead corpses. Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown!) guest stars as Walter's washed-up musical idol, who claims to have seen his son, who died in the 80s. Spoiler: The Observer let him come back.

There didn't seem to be any like crazy plot twists or gruesome mystery death and drama. It was a fun episode, and for what was essentially a 'case of the week' episode, it was one of the better ones.

But I'm really bugged by the Friday night time slot. It just doesn't work; sure Bones might be the work show on TV but when it played before Fringe on Thursdays it just made sense. But what the hell is Fringe doing on a Friday night after Kitchen Nightmares? It's like I'm watching the show in a completely different setting and it's throwing off the way I look at it. Zach said it right though, especially with this new timeslot and an episode titled, "The Firefly" (WTF Fox?!), they really need to get this show into gear, because there's basically just 10 episodes left and I'm not sure where they plan on going with this...
JDW's Score: 8.2/10

Overall Score: 8.1/10 (Yup.)

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