Tuesday, January 25, 2011

J.J. Abrams Needs New Font

So, I was reading an article on io9 the other day, regarding J.J. Abrams' new series coming to Fox (and probably taking the place of Fringe), Alcatraz. But something seemed peculiar... not about the show, but the font in the promotional image...

It seems like Mr. Abrams has a thing for metallic 3D font, and he's used it in nearly all of his projects starting with Lost in 2004. I'm not sure if it's a conscious choice by him, or he has the same designer doing logo work for all his projects, but seriously, try something different!

Also, I love that the Mission: Impossible: III logo has lense flair, despite that not even being a joke until 3 years later when Star Trek came out.

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Anonymous said...


But doesn't he make the title sequences himself?

I know he made the Lost one, and the title music too.

At least it gives him a signature, or identity from a glance.