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This Week In Fringe - 1/28/11

Sorry for the delay, we both somehow forgot about Fringe last night! We blame the new time slot...

Episode 11 - " Reciprocity"

Zach says: Everyone is in their right universe, and the investigation is heating up. They've cracked Fauxlivia's computer encryption and are reading her files, and they've also assembled the deadly machine, minus a part or two that Fauxlivia made off with. However, they can't get the machine to work or figure out what it's supposed to do. Go figure. But, when Peter walks in the room, gears start moving and things start happening, but why?!!?

Also, shape shifters start getting murdered. Turns out, fairly expectantly, that Peter is behind the murders, and while he's been a bad guy in his past, seen in very early episodes, apparently he wouldn't be one to go out offing this bad guys. I don't know if that's quite accurate of his true character, but let's just assume it is. Walter says that perhaps when he interacted with the machine, it changed him in some way, turning him into an angry, dangerous person, which could lead him further into wanting to use the machine to destroy the other universe.

So, the plot thickens some more. Interestingly, we haven't seen anything in the past two episodes of the other universe. What are they working on? How is Fauxolivia doing? What about Walternate? What is he planning?!?!?!?
Zach's Score: 7.5/10

JDW says: Well because this is late, Zach's review is spoilertastic and doesnt leave me with much to say... But, I enjoyed this episode; I like that the scientist guy sounded just like Samuel L. Jackson (but wasn't T.C. Carson, the guy who usually replaced Jackson for the Clone Wars and Star Wars games, and is Kratos), and i liked that it wasn't another 'case of the week' again. But something seemed off...

The last and first time we heard of these 'First People' our Fringe Division only found one piece of this fantastical universe destroying machine. Now, all the sudden, they've found all the parts (which were supposedly scattered all over the world), and they knew exactly how to put it all together but somehow weren't aware of the whole deal about Peter being the key to its operation. Like, it doesn't feel like THAT much time passed since that episode, for everything to already be in place, but at least we didn't have to see 10 episodes of them just finding the parts. Win some, lose some I suppose...
JDW's Score: 8/10

Overall Score: 7.7/10

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