Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 10: Nintendo Conference

Microsoft's conference was part of Day 0 yesterday... so now it's Nintendo job to kick off E3 Day 1, and let's recap how their conference went:

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
- First trailer/footage show
- Looks like Twilight Princess/Wind Waker
- Video with Miyamoto explaining controls
- Live on-stage demo
- Uses Wii MotionPlus
- Miyamoto teleported on-stage. HOLY SHIT!
- Wiimote calibration looks... off
- Can toss or roll bombs now
- Technical difficulties... [sadface]
- New beetle item to fly around and scout
- Comes out next year, hopefully they can fix the controls by then...

Mario Sports Mix
- For Wii
- Volleyball
- Hockey
- Dodgeball
- Soccer
- Basketball

- 13 different part game modes
- 70 different mini-games
- Coming Holiday 2010

Just Dance 2
- From Ubisoft for Wii
- Sequel to a game you probably didn't even play
- Supports up to 8 players (how?)
- Coming Fall 2010

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
- aka Golden Sun DS
- New trailer shown
- Coming Holiday 2010

Goldeneye 007
- Yes, a remake of the N64 game
- ... with Daniel Craig as James Bond (wtf?)
- Graphics look.. bad
- From Activision... how can this be without Rare?
- Coming this Holiday, exclusive for Wii

Disney Epic Mickey
- On-stage demo
- 2D animated cut-scenes... I love the style
- Paint and un-paint the world
- Game changes based on your actions (karma system basically)
- Three location types: quest, action, and travel zones
- Looks like a really cool game, especially if you're familiar with Disney animation history

Kirby: Epic Yarn
- A spin-off of Epic Mickey
- First gameplay trailer
- Oozes style, great animations
- Releasing Fall 2010 for Wii

Dragon Quest IX
- Reggie is just talking about it
- But this released in Japan already, so...

Metroid: Other M
- New trailer
- Releasing August 31st

Donkey Kong Country Returns
- From Retro Studios, yup, the Metroid Prime studio
- 2.5D gameplay, looks awesome
- Coming Holiday 2010

Nintendo 3DS
- Reveal trailer shown
- Device is shiny as hell, and small
- Fits in Iwata's one hand
- Top screen is 3.5" and wider than the bottom screen
- Has a 3D depth slider to adjust the effect
- 3D is only on the top screen, touch screen is just as it has been
- New 'Slide Pad' for analog control, D-pad still there
- Includes motion sensor and gyro sensor
- Outside has 2 camera lenses for 3D photography
- Capable of playing 3D movies (including partners Disney, Warner Brothers, and DreamWorks)
- Can use wifi while on or off (think WiiConnect24)

Kid Icarus: Uprising
- The same character model from Brawl
- Honestly, looks better than most Wii games

A ton of games announced in production
- Nintendogs + Cats
- Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle
- DJ Hero 3D
- Kingdom Hearts 3D
- Resident Evil Revelation
- Saints Row
- Assassin's Creed
- Metal Gear Solid (!)
- and more!

Hilarious 3DS promo video shown. Show over. I'll update with media later.

I was iffy on the 3DS in concept form, and I still obviously don't know how the 3D experience is in person. But from what I saw of Kid Icarus: Uprising and the list of in-development titles... I'm pretty much sold. All I need now is a price and release date, but, honestly, I'm pretty pumped. But, at the same time, the lack of current DS content in the show was upsetting, other than Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, there was no DS content, not even a word of Pokemon Black and White. Does that mean 3DS is around the corner? Who knows.

Also, where was WiiWare and DSiWare? I was really glad of what had to be said about the next generation and 3DS, but I'd of liked to see more about the right now. But, that new Kirby game looks so different from anything I've ever seen and looks awesome, I'm now glad that nameless Kirby game from GameCube got scrapped. And the new Zelda looks great... but the control screw-ups were a bit disappointing. Sony you're next!

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