Tuesday, June 15, 2010

E3 10: Sony Conference

And the last major company conference recap is here. Microsoft was lack-luster, Nintendo impressed... so how did Sony fair?

Gameplay montage shown to start the show

Killzone 3
- Live demo shown in 3D
- Graphically it's still ridiculously amazing
- Coming February 2011
- Functional with PlayStation Move at launch

Other 3D games
- MotorStorm Apocalypse
- Gran Turismo 5
- The Sly Collection
- Crysis 2
- Mortal Kombat
- Tron: Evolution
- amongst other 1st and 3rd Party games

PlayStation Move
- Available in Europe September 15
- Available in North America September 19
- Available in Eapan October 21
- Move controller alone for $49.99
- Analog controller for $29.99
- Move with PSEye and Sports Champions for $99
- Move, PSEye, Sports Champions, and 120 GB PS3 for $399

- 3rd Person Action/Adventure game
- 1:1 wand control
- Move's bulb changes color to indicate actions
- Coming Spring 2011

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11
- Yawn... show more exclusives please
- Wii golf in HD basically
- Update available via PSN at launch

Heroes on the Move
- Combines Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, and Sly Cooper
- Action/Avdenture game featuring Move control

Kevin Butler just appeared on stage, talking trash about Cirque du Soleil and Kinect; gives a speech about Move and PS3.

Montage of Move games shown, but I lost track. And a reveal of PSP's new, Kevin Butler-esque "Step Your Game Up." ad campaign.

God of War: Ghost of Sparta
- For PSP from Ready At Down Studios
- Releasing "later this year"

Another game montage shown, this time of recently released and coming soon PSP titles.

PlayStation Network
- Season 2 of The Tester starts casting today for a premiere this fall
- Entire E3 2010 booth has been recreated for Home

LittleBigPlanet 2
- Able to make games from nearly every genre
- Looks pretty damn fantastic
- But, we saw the trailer already, so it's not anything shocking anymore

PlayStation Plus
- New subscription service, on top of all the already free features
- Early access to demos and betas, and 'free' PSN games (PSN games, Minis, and PSone titles) and PSN discounts
- Full year for $49.99 or 3-Months for $17.99
- First three months free for a limited time
- Will include Qore subscription
- All content lasts for the duration of your subscription

Medal of Honor
- Releases October 12, 2010
- PS3 limited edition includes HD remake of Medal of Honor: Frontline

Dead Space 2
- Live demo shown, continuing from last night's EA conference
- PS3 exclusive comes with Dead Space: Extraction, now with Move support

Portal 2
- Notable PS3 hater Gabe Newell appears!
- Utilizes Steam Cloud and automatic updates, making it 'the best version' for consoles
- New trailer shown
- Coming 2011
- Now I regret getting excited about Steam for Mac, since it runs poorly

Final Fantasy XIV Online
- New trailer shown

Mafia II
- PS3 exclusive content available free at launch

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
- PS3 version will have exclusive mission pack and multiplayer beta
- New trailer shown
- Releases November 16th, 2010

Yet another gameplay montage is shown.

Gran Turismo 5
- New trailer shown
- Releases November 2, 2010
- Fully 3D at launch

- New trailer shown
- Character has hair now, congrats
- And ice power in addition to electricity

Twisted Metal
- Sweettooth and his truck are on-stage
- From David Jaffe's Eat.Sleep.Play. studio
- Releasing next year
- Live demo shown
- Adds flight to the series

And... that's it, I guess.

The Move pricing seems somewhat reasonable considering the functionality it adds, and considering a standard DualShock 3 runs for $50. But, asking $30 for the analog controller seems excessive... and that's $30 on top of $99 if you don't already have a PSEye, which is basically everyone, making it a $130 investment for a complete 1 player package. But hey, at least they gave us a price and release date, which can't be said for Microsoft and Kinect.

Not a bad conference, but it dragged on a lot, and I could've done without all the montages. Plus, aside from Portal 2, there weren't any big surprises. I'm just really mad that The Last Guardian wasn't even shown or mentioned. Like, that's really the one PS3 title I've wanted to see more of, and it wasn't even muttered...

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