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This Week in Lost - 5/23/10

It's here, it's The End.

Series Finale: Episodes 17/18 - "The End"

Zach says: It's over. Like usual, I could talk about everything that happened in this episode, but I don't feel it's necessary. And, I won't even give too many details as to the ending, because you've either already seen it, or you don't want me spoiling it for you. But, I may talk about some details/spoilers a bit into my discussion.

Personally, I think this finale was by far one of the best episodes of the series. It didn't answer too many of those lingering questions about the island and what it's all about, which, while thinking back about the finale and the series as a whole, can be a little disappointing, but looking at it in a vacuum, just the finale, it was amazing on so many levels.

Every character in the alternate universe "wakes up" at some point this episode, and each and every one of these moments is truly touching. We see flash backs from previous seasons, as well as the characters seeing each other in the present time and it clicks, and the emotion is so strong you can't help but feel something, as you've invested in these peoples' stories and feelings. You were with them through six years and can't help but feel connected to them and understand all that they have gone through. It's great seeing them remember and embrace one another. It was also great to see long neglected characters like Rose and Bernard, as well as Juliet. They may not have played the biggest roles, but it was definitely nice to see them again.

There is plenty to discuss and debate and be upset about. It's hard to fully understand what the alternate reality REALLY is and what its true relevance is. The same is true with the island itself, and what events happen after that of the finale? We will most definitely never get answers to these questions, but I guess they aren't necessary.

You may go into the finale with the desire to get all these answers, about WHAT the island is and WHY everyone is there, but once you get into the episode, you begin to really just care about the characters and getting their own resolution and seeing everyone's story wrap up, and I think this is done very well. I'm going to leave it at that.
Zach's Score: 10/10

JDW says: "The End" was the first (and last) episode of Lost I ever watched with a group of people; hell, I even took off of work just to spend five and a half hours of my life in front of the television. Point being, this was a show that a lot of people have invested so much time in, both with and away from the TV set, and in it's most important moment, it was something that needed multiple reactions, and I think we were all floored.

Years of speculation, theory, and just pure time dedicated to this show, and it was embraced beautifully in a two and a half hour epic. Sure, there's already plenty of people that hated this episode because it didn't answer every single question. But, to be honest, the more I think about some of those trivial things, the more I could care less, because "The End" showed us what was really important: life, and the people you share it with. It was great to see all these familiar faces together, happy at last; sure some were absent, but for the most part their absence was explained.

But seriously, do really need to know how the black smoke monster works? Or how exactly the island can disappear? Or why exactly did Jacob need to bring people to the island? No, not really. And I think if everything was explain, peole would still be pissed off because it get's into "midi-chlorian" territory, and takes away all the mystery that made the show so interesting a discussable to begin with. If the show just always blatantly explained how everything works, we would have never made it passed the first season. That's why FlashForward is so awful.

What the "The End" really was, was a beautifully crafted piece of fan-service for the people that weren't watching with a checklist of unanswered questions. Not only from the actors performances, but from the directing by Jack Bender, and Michael Giacchino's moving score, all the pieces came together really really beautifully, and if you didn't feel anything after spending so much time with these characters, then really, you're soulless. You may not have gotten all the answers you wanted, but I find it ridiculous that people have not gotten some sort of closure or gratification from "The End," because I know I found this ending to be oh so fitting for a show I've invested so much time in, and everyone else I watched it with seemed to be in agreement.
JDW's Score: 10/10

Overall Score: 10/10

I don't think it would be fair to have a review with two 10/10 scores and not give it the VFH Seal of Approval, that just wouldn't make sense. And for an episode of a show that will most definitely be part of every television discussion for the next century, it would be impossible for us to not give this episode some much deserved, extra credit. If we could give this two awards we would. And to those who didn't dedicate six years of thei life to this show, do yourself a favor and get Seasons 1 through 6 when they release in a set on August 24th, you will not be disappointed, especially once you've reached this wonderful, beautiful, and just plain fantastic episode.

Missed the episode? (What is wrong with you?) Watch all 2.5 hours of it on Hulu.

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