Friday, March 26, 2010


How the time flies, I almost completely forgot to write this! What's there to say? First off, while VFH's existence is six years old now, our home here is just two years old; and considering our original location died recently, it looks like we're here to stay!

What's changed since last year? Hmmm, well we've doubled our readership, got some decent recognition from Archaia Comics for our Awakening review, which then led to other comic related contacts... not to mention the inclusion of the Book Review section in general. We've awarded quite a few VFH Seals of Approval... and we've even lost some staff members. Sure not the most exciting of things, but hey, we do what we must.

Anyways, here's VFH popularity rundown: MySpace - 435 friends (200% increase!), Facebook - 13 fans (that's actually an improvement), Twitter - 514 (also a 200% increase!), YouTube - 924 friends and subscribers (holy. shit.), and Flickr.... I haven't really used it that much recently, due to their limits. Social media is still very much a part of the VFH experience and we hope that you continue to follow us on all realms of the interweb.

What's next? Well, seeing as we won't have hands-on E3 coverage like last year (I'm sure you can figure out why), this year VFH is all about the reviews. Starting next month there will be FOUR This Week In features running each week, that's Lost, FlashForward, Fringe, and the new season of Doctor Who! So even if we're low in the news category, you can look forward to a science fiction related review or two every other day for the next two months or so.

But television isn't the only thing we'll be reviewing, our Music review section has tripled in the last year, and there's quite a few books, games, and movies releasing this summer that are just begging for our opinions. As for more unique content? I'd say you can look forward to more two-person reviews in the coming months.

Also, I know I mentioned something about a website redesign back when the new year started; I'm getting to it. I've just been busy with a lot of other work recently and haven't had the chance to design such an overhaul yet. However, with the original VFH completely gone now, I think it's a good time to finally get rid of the banner we currently have on top.

Hope you stick with us for another year! We couldn't do this without you, the readers! Thanks!

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