Saturday, January 16, 2010

This Week in Fringe - 1/14/10

Sorry for the incredible delay. I've been sick this week, and not to mention, after Fox's surprise old/awful episode of Fringe on Monday (which I didn't even know about till Wednesday) I wasn't exactly in the mood to watch Thursday's premiere until now. Here it goes..

Episode 11 (it's technically 12, but I'm not acknowledging the re-hash episode) - "Johari Window"

This week's [second] episode, and actually new, opens up with a boy running away from home who gets picked up by the cops. But soon after he transformers into a gross looking mutated man-creature, and it turns out he isn't alone. Clearly the Fringe crew have to figure out whats up.

As expected, even with long breaks, and a fake new episode, this episode doesn't follow up on the alternate universe or William Bell or much of anything that occurred in "Grey Matters," other than Walter's fear of being lost again (that's how you know it's not another Season One reject). But regardless, this typical 'monster of the week' episode is pretty good and has quite a lot of mystery to it to keep you watching till the end. The mystery seems to be solved abruptly, but otherwise this episode was far from bad, but it still wasn't great.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

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