Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Surprise This Week in Fringe: 1/11/10

I am really confused right now. I was doing my usual internet browsing, when I came across a few site having reviews for a new episode of Fringe, that premiered on Monday night of all days. Which is odd considering the show was supposed to return in February. Apparently, unannounced and unexplained, Fox decided to air an unused Season One episode of Fringe, which shows in my explanation. So, here's my belated review thanks to Hulu.

Episode ? (supposedly it's 11 of Season Two, but because it's so out of place I won't call it that) - "Unearthed"

So, this week's peculiar episode revolves around a dead girl, mysteriously brought back to life and muttering strange messages and hallucinating. But that's not what's weird, it's because this episode still has Olivia's former partner, Charlie Francis walking around as a good guy; who as you would know from watching Season Two died early on, so a sudden/unexplained reappearance just wouldn't make sense. And of course, what's this all lead to? Exorcism... religious 'magic' on a show about supernatural science, right.

Overall the episode is bland, boring, and not as interesting as some of the other non-main story episodes of both Seasons One and Two, where ever this is technically supposed to be. And the deep voice the girl used to indicate the possession was totally awful. Fox should've left this as a DVD extra or something, instead of airing it out of place and out of the show's regular time slot.

Overall Score: 6/10

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