Friday, December 11, 2009

This Week in Fringe - 12/10/09

A slight delay, but sometimes there's more important things that need to be done. Sorry.

Episode 10 - "Grey Matters"

Remember that episode from earlier this season with the frozen head being attached to a body and coming back to life? Because I almost forgot it, since Fringe loves to have interesting cliffhangers and then completely ignore them for five episodes before getting back on track.

The episode deals with our mysterious unfrozen-head man stealing brain matter, and it seems that some else has been doing this for quite some time. And more interestingly, it seems that Walter had part of his brain removed back from when he was in the mental hospital, the part of his brain that contains the memories of how he created a door to the alternate universe. So, clearly this can't be good.

An interesting plot, and an even more interesting execution. I'm kind of on the fence about this episode though. It points a huge finger at the ever more plausible idea that Walter took this Peter from the alternate universe, and even shows a really interesting side of Walter when he has his full brain together for a short period of time. But it also was kind of... boring? Not sure if that's the right way to explain it, but I wasn't exactly gripped to the situation. The ending though, SPOILER ALERT: Leonard Nimoy is just too awesome.

Overall Score: 8.8/10

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NOTE: It seems that like most shows this season, Fringe is taking a holiday hiatus, until early next year. Until then, I will have another NEW This Week In feature to talk about (you can actually find it if you look in the right place...)

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