Monday, December 14, 2009

Finally! This Week in Doctor Who

After all this time, the feature I've wanted to do for the longest time finally comes to fruition! Though, if you actually checked the This Week In hub post within the last two weeks, you may have noticed that a little spot for This Week in Doctor Who was already added.

What's taken so long? Quite simply, air date delays. It seemed kind of pointless to review the previous two Doctor Who specials, "The Next Doctor" and "Planet of the Dead," because their air dates from the UK premieres to when they arrived on BBC America were so widespread that by the time they actually got here, you pretty much knew everything already.

And while this Saturday's special, "The Waters of Mars," aired in the UK a month ago, I will still review it, because the next two following Saturdays will also have brand new specials, which air just one day after their UK premieres. So, for now, this will just be a special, three week This Week In feature. But, if we're getting both of "The End of Time" parts one day after the UK, then I'm hoping that Matt Smith's Series 5 episodes will also have a short gap come this summer, so that I may continue the feature in a timely fashion.

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