Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Song For A Son

Well, it may be a week late, but Smashing Pumpkins have released the first track from Teargarden by Kaleidyscope, which will eventually become a 44 track album sometime next year. But until then, you can get each track, completely free as they're released.

Having not liked the band's return sound from 2007's Zeitgeist, I must say, "A Song For A Son" sounds better than I expected it to. And considering Billy Corgan is the only original band member now, I suppose that says ... something. I can't say what, because I'm not sure, but if this free six minute track is anything to go by, I'm at least looking forward to the other 43 songs on this album.

Note, the original announcement said the first track would release around Halloween time, and it's clearly not Halloween now, so I'm curious how long it will be before the next track arrives. But in terms of reviews, I probably won't write a proper album review until all 44 tracks are released.

You can stream and download "A Song For A Son" at SmashingPumpkins.com or you can cut to the chase and just go to the direct download link. The .mp3 file, when imported into iTunes, will already have the album name, year, track number, and album artwork.

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