Saturday, November 7, 2009

Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! review

Following the Game & Watch Collection, Nintendo releases another exclusive game through its North American Club Nintendo program, however unlike the aforementioned game this downloadable title can't be earned via the programs Coins; instead was available exclusively to 2009 Platinum status club members... like myself.

Now, because you can't actually get this title unless you have say a friend who earned Platinum status, got this instead of the Mario hat, and then doesn't want the game... but we're not talking technicalities here. Instead, I'm just going to give an overview of the game, in the absence of a proper video feature.

If you've played Next Level Games' actual Punch-Out!! game for Wii, then this Doc Louis version isn't going to feel any different. In fact, the only control difference between the two games is the absence of Balance Board support (but I don't have a board so, quite frankly, I'm not missing the feature). But, peripheral support isn't the only thing missing... think of Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! as a Punch-Out!! demo, with a new opposing character, and could only be appreciated by Punch-Out!! fans.

The game offers three modes of play, all single-player, and more or less the same. The first is Warm-Up, which is slow paced and meant to make you familiar with Doc Louis's move-set and visual cues. It will go by quick, but that's a good thing for one reason... which I'll get to later.

The next mode is Training, which is a standard three-round boxing match against Doc, not unlike the matches you'll encounter in the actual Punch-Out!! game for Wii. In terms of difficulty, Doc's an average character, if you time your moves right with his visual cues than it's a simple match, but if you're not quick to react you may find yourself in Training for awhile.

The last mode, Sparring, is unlocked by completing both Warm Up and Training. And before I get to that, here's why I'm glad Warm-Up is easy and short, because despite the channel-file itself being 143 blocks of Wii memory, Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! itself doesn't have an actual save file. So yes, that means every time you want to start Sparring, you have to beat the other two modes first, which is kind of annoying. Essentially what Sparring is, is another standard three-round fight, but this time Doc Louis can use Star Punch, which instantly KOs you. It's difficult but, those looking for a tough Punch-Out!! battle should be pleased.

Overall Thoughts
Other than the three game modes, there really isn't anything else to this game. If you enjoyed Punch-Out!! but after all this time you felt like punching a new fighter in the face, then this should've been the reward for you. And who wouldn't want a game where you punch Doc Louis's chocolate bar out of his hands, and he still says, "Thanks for joining Club Nintendo, Mac."

Overall Score: 6.5/10

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