Monday, August 17, 2009

Bad Lieutenant - "Sink Or Swim"

Yes, another music update! A few months back it was announced that the remaining members of the recently disbanded New Order (minus Peter Hook basically) would be forming a new band called Bad Lieutenant, with some help on the album from the likes of Blur's Alex James and Joy Division/New Order drummer Stephen Morris. The band would release their first album, Never Cry Another Tear, in October, with the first single, "Sink Or Swim" releasing in September.

Well it turns out there's been some changes, sort of. I was under the impression the both Alex James and Stephen Morris were part of the band, but thanks to a tweet from the band on Twitter, I've been informed that they (specifically James) appear on the album, but are not members of the band itself... which is kind of disappointing because I would have loved to see Alex James get the same non-Blur success that his bandmates Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon have had.

Also, you can now listen to a "MySpace Edit" of "Sink Or Swim" on, where else, Bad Lieutenant's MySpace right now. After a few listens, it sounds to me a lot like New Order's later albums Get Ready (2001) and Waiting For The Sirens Call (2005). Thankfully it's more in the realm of Get Ready, which I liked, cause I can't say the same for Waiting For The Sirens Call. But it's just one song, and from the tag I'll assume it's not even the full version. Regardless, this version of "Sink Or Swim" at least has me excited to hear what else the band has to offer, we'll see come September.

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