Saturday, August 8, 2009

Awakening finally arrives!

After a year of delay due to the restructuring of Archaia Comics (formerly Archaia Studios Press), a halt to stand-alone issues, then an additional month delay from the original June release date, not to mention some shipping delays... Awakening Volume One has finally arrived in my hands!
As you may recall, that there is the Alex Eckman-Lawn signed print I had mentioned as part of DCBS's pre-order deal, which I not only endorsed but took part in as well. Sadly it was also this print that cause a fifteen day or so delay in shipping.. which I wasn't too fond of.

Regardless, it's here now, and I hope the rest of you out there that pre-ordered this book have also received yours by now. I can't to finally sit down, read this, and admire the artwork... not to mention review it sooner or later. Stay tuned!

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