Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Awakening Volume 1 delay...

This pretty much sucks on many levels, considering the book has been delayed long enough, but here's the news from Awakening's official MySpace:

"Everybody did everything they could but, somehow, the book just didn't get out and on the way in time to make this Wednesday. They're in transit now and, to be on the safe side, have a street date of 7/29. There's a very good chance, however, that it'll get to Diamond sooner and, therefore, shops sooner as it'll ship as soon as it arrives."

So yes, instead of releasing... tomorrow (June 24th, in case you don't have a calendar), we'll have to wait a whole extra month. But as Nick Tapalansky points out in the write up, this does leave extra time for you late ones to head on over to Amazon.com a pre-order the book.

What does this mean for us now? Well, instead of expecting a review of the book this week, you can expect to see it next month...

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