Monday, July 13, 2009

Nintendo Download - 7/13/09

Looks like six games a week is Nintendo's new standard. I'm not complaining!

Nintendo DSiWare
Brain Challenge - 800 Nintendo DSi Points (Gameloft, Players: 1, E)

Bit Boy!! - 600 Wii Points (Bplus, Players: 1-2, E)

Incoming! - 500 Wii Points (JV Games Inc., Players: 1-2, E)

Ant Nation - 700 Wii Points (Konami Digital Entertainment, Players: 1, E 10 +)

Virtual Console
Secret Command - 600 Wii Points (SEGA Master System, SEGA, Players: 1-2, E 10+)

Pulseman - 900 Wii Points (SEGA Genesis, GAME FREAK, Players: 1, E)

If you're wondering why this week's Virtual Console prices are more pricey than usual, it's because they're both import titles. In fact, Pulseman was only released in North America via that old Sega Channel... ah, crazy concepts of the 90s.

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