Monday, July 20, 2009

The Fixer

Can't help myself, but I'll probably be talking about this album up until it releases this September, and probably continue to talk about it afterwards.

Anyways, Pearl Jam's first single, "The Fixer", from their upcoming album, Backspacer, is now online. While it may not be available for purchase on many digital stores (yet), the band have just put the song on their MySpace for all to hear.

After listening to the track numerous times now, I can say that it still sounds like Pearl Jam, albeit a more upbeat version of the band. It's a mix between of 2006's self-titled album, and the stuff from 1998's Yield and 2000's Binaural. And considering Backspacer is the band's first album produced by Brendan O'Brien since Yield (O'Brien produced all of the band's albums from Vs. to Yield), I guess it makes sense for this sound to feel familiar.

All I know is that now with Backspacer releasing September 20th, Alice In Chain's Black Gives Way To Blue on the 29th, and now Superman/Batman: Public Enemies releasing on the same date, it's going to be an expensive September.

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Hampig said...

Huh... I haven't listened to pretty much anything outside of 10. I don't know how the band has changed since then, but this certainly sounds a lot different. Different but good. I'll look into this a little more...