Sunday, May 31, 2009

VFH E3 Predictions

This is actually being posted a few days late, so disregard anything that may have already been thwarted by all of the recent Pre-E3 leaks; we were just waiting to get everyone's opinion (obviously didn't happen though).

1. Nintendo is going to use the Metroid Prime Trilogy as their crutch to please the hardcore audience.
2. Microsoft is going to have Bungie lead their show with a set release date for Halo 3: ODST.
3. Sony is going to be carried by third party titles or announces Final Fantasy Versus XIII as an exclusive for the PS3.
4. Hideo Kojima will break E3 with this teased new Metal Gear project.
5. Duke Nukem Forever will actually be picked up and finished by some crazy last minute "Oh you~" developer.
6. Grand Theft Auto IV DLC preview
7. Bioshock 2 will be this years biggest game at E3.
8. Any leaks will bring this year's event to a new level of "meh".

Nick (Hampig)
1. Nintendo: New Zelda with MotionPlus, Pikmin 3, and maybe a new IP. I'm expecting a lot on Sin & Punishment 2 as well, and I'm really pulling for a DS Metroid. Chances are the Trilogy will dampen that hope a little...
2. Microsoft: Focus will be Halo 3: ODST. I'd love to see Shin Megami Tensei come to 360, so I'll say that much. Outside of whats already been announced I'm not sure what to expect. They will have at least one big unannounced item though.
3. Sony: All that Final Fantasy stuff. A new version of the PSP, with LittleBigPlanet for it. New Metal Gear for PS3, won't be for PSP or mobile; probably just an expansion though. TRICO will be awesome; I'll assume you control the little kid and the bird/dog/demon thing is like Yorda, or along those lines at least. Kingdom Hearts III, as well? Then I'm expecting quite a few surprises.

1. I don't need to predict, since I'll actually be at the event.

1. The Kojima teasers will be for MGS4 expansions, both taking places at different time periods prior to the game.
2. As much as Nintendo will try to please the hardcore crowd, they will fall short, again. But hopefully that will include Virtual Console on DSi.
3. Microsoft will have new hardware to announce, whether it be a gaming Zune, a motion peripheral, or something else entirely.
4. I'm expecting a lot from Suda51; more on No More Heroes 2, The Silver Case (on DS), his EA project, and more.
5. Project TRICO will appear, and look 20 times better than the leaked trailer; pants will be ruined.

And that, sadly, does it for VFH's E3 predictions. Chances are some of these have been ruined already by leaks from the last few days, i.e.: the PSP Go (with LBP footage, and MGS mention), new NMH2 trailer, the Zune HD (though not gaming centric), and GTAIV's lastest DLC episode was announced.

So really, it's already before E3 and some of our predictions were right/dooped. Let's hope there will actually be surprises left by the time the event actually starts!

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Hampig said...

Damn. E3 hasn't even started yet and I'm already realizing how wrong I am. : (