Monday, March 30, 2009

Poll #13 Results

The poll for March was a pretty important one, as it basically affects the future of when we can review different products. What did you, the readers, decide on?

Should there be a time limit as to when products can be reviewed?

Always - 5%
Never - 42%
Only on games - 5%
Only on movies, etc - 0%
Only on music - 0%
Only on books - 0%
Depends (Tell us) - 47%

Well then, looks like the race between "Depends" and "Never" was really close, but what this does mean now is that there virtually is not limit to when products can be reviewed. However, with some discussion, we agreed that while there is no limit, so things should have a bar, for example Movies, to be reviewed, must still be in theaters... for relevancy.

And basically, anything major, yet over a year old is ineligible for review. That is, unless it falls into our Hidden Gems category, meaning its old, but you may not have known about it to begin with so in a sense it's still relevant.

New poll is up!

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