Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Thoughts: Coraline

You know, I can't say I had much of an interest in this film before seeing footage of it ... what with me missing out on a preview screening with director Henry Selick that I now regret. But none the less, this film, based on a book written by Neil Gaiman, has really re-sparked my interest in the stop-motion medium. See for yourself, here's a trailer of Coraline for you:

Also, after spending quite some time on the film's official website [www.Coraline.com], I found very cool Theatre section. Here you'll find a ton of behind the scenes footage, which for someone as myself who has experimented with stop-motion animation, is pretty neat and inspiring. However, there's one aspect of the film that I can't show you, which is that it's the first stop-motion film shot in stereoscopic 3D. Being that I missed out on the aforementioned preview screening, I can't exactly tell you how the result is, but those I've spoken to that attended the screening say it's one of the prettiest things they've ever seen on screen.

Coraline won't be releasing until February 6th, but hopefully I'll be able to catch it and provide you with a review soon after. See you then!

Update: How coincidental, I missed another preview screening tonight ... I guess that's my punishment for doing work?...

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